A little piece of J.A.Campbell history went to landfill today. Doubly sad:
(1) Our first computer an AST 386 circa about 1988 which when superseded went into the workshop, and was used up until now for costing our range. I’ve looked after this, now I had to butcher it.
(2) I don’t like landfill even at the best of times and don’t do it much. one of the things I love about silver is that is rarely goes to landfill. It anything broke or went wrong it got melted down and started again. The only looser was the energy

Good customer service is king – or so I believe!

Personally, I have always tried to give the best customer services possible in the belief that it will bring customers back and/or pass the message on. Having said this I cannot always guarantee that my associates have always applied the same philosophy

Working in a business can sometimes be a problem. One is too close to the situation “can’t see the wood for the trees” is the saying. So I looked to my outside experiences for guidance.

One problem was with a Miele fridge freezer which developed a fault after 5 years. The guarantee was well out of date. Miele delivered a brand new replacement with no argument, hassle or unpleasantness.

Second problem. I noticed that the seat post on my Condor Heritage cycle was coming loose. I have had this for some 6 years. I like to try and fix things myself but decided to call into Condors shop in London to see if I could learn a little about the anatomy of this part in order to make a successful repair.

As soon as Greg (the manager) saw it he said that the bonding had failed and to repair it would probably be unsuccessful. He said it should not have happened. He disappeared and then walked back into the shop with the modern equivalent  and started unwrapping it. When he reached for some tools I realized he was going to fit the new one there and then. Money had not been mentioned. I asked Greg if he was going to fit it and he said yes. On completion some 20 minutes later I asked how much did I owe Condor? He said, with a smile, there was no charge as the part had failed.

It was so nice to be on the receiving end of excellent customer service. Not only that, the new seat post felt so much more comfortable!

Condor cycles in Grays Inn Road London is probably the best bike shop in the UK today. Their range of bikes/sizes, accessories and advice is second to none.

Condor’s London shop may not be convenient to get to for many people but it is certainly worth the effort to get the best service, quality, reliability, advice and also good humour.

Condor have a successful racing team headed up by Manager John Herety, Senior member Russell Downing and Gold medalist Ed Clancy. The team, JLT Condor, are great to watch whatever the races like the Tour of Britain and Tour de Yorkshire.

Diversity in Silver

I have made all sorts of things in my 55 years as a silversmith but the latest is a “first.” A set of monograms for horse tack. Eleven in total.

Today, Thursday, is the birthday of the gentleman recipient and his wife is buying them for a suprise present.

The job was reasonably straightforward with the excetion of the deadline to his birthday. I had just 12 days to design the entertwined initials, get the design approved, engrave them onto a piece of thick silver sheet, pierce out the background, solder on a casting sprue to the back, make a vulcanised rubber mould, produce 12 waxes (one spare), invest in plaster of Paris and cast in silver.

Phew!!! After casting, the sprue had to be cut off, any flash removed, sand papered and polished. Then the fixing wire was drawn down to the correct diameter, cut into 15mm lenghts and soldered to the back of each of the monograms. They were then polished bright for the last time and fitted into a presentation box.

I do hope he is delighted with his present. His lovely wife had gone to a lot of trouble to make this happen.

Just glad I could help – all part of the JA Campbell service to delight every customer!!!!!