Silver Tumbler Cups

It is really strange how things seem to go in cycles. I never can judge how certain items will sell. Even looking back at sales history data the patterns do not seem to be there.

The only one that is consistent is that things seem to come in groups. Take the current rush on silver tumbler cups!

Just after Christmas 2 sets sold, last week 2 medium sized ones, this week followed up by yet another sale, more questions and a viewing visit later in the week – all interested in tumbler cups. No connection between any of them.

However “ours is not to reason why” and I am just pleased that they are being appreciated.

It is an unusual item that comes in three sizes. The history is that since the reign of Charles 11, circa 1660, they have been very popular drinking cups. They have often been used as travelling sets, in canteens and before that on board ship, as they will rock but will not fall over. The reason for this is that they are thicker at the base.

Being gold plated inside this opens up the present buying opportunities to cover Silver and Golden weddings!

Really they are ideal for a present on any occasion and are highly suitable for engraving with names, dates, messages to mark the occasion and bring back happy memories for the recipient.

Have a look and see if you can think of an occasion coming up where you could give one or a set to someone you know. All sizes in stock as of today.

John Campbell

Master Silversmith 

Silver Christening Gifts

With the first signs of spring just emerging (although a bit late) daffodils starting to open, forsythia buds beginning to burst and the birds already into their 3 week of the dawn chorus.

This is the time when families begin making plans for the new baby’s christening or baptism. What should not be overlooked is the importance of marking the occasion with a permanent memento. This can and usually will be handed down to successive generations.

A cheap memento can be found at a typical high street store for example a china beaker, however why not choose a  much more classy memento? for example a sterling silver serviette ring (which can be engraved with the baby’s name and date of birth). This can be purchased for around £100 UK sterling from This is the entry level sterling silver baby gift and is part of a comprehensive matching collection made by JA Campbell Silversmiths in Brentwood England – up to a standard rather than down to a price.

Each piece in the collection comes in a fitted green box, with a green satin lining. The boxes are all printed with  amusing moon and stars images.

In years to come your gift will be a talking point, indeed, I know someone who uses her silver egg cup (purchased by her grandparents) at least once a week and it happens to be neatly engraved with her initials and she has had it over 56 years!!!

Try using silver and enjoy the pleasure it gives.

Over the garden fence

During an over the fence conversation at the weekend with my next door neighbour John, he revealed the fact that he had a christening the next day, Sunday. I asked if it was his grandson and John said yes it is.

I stepped back a few paces and looked at him over my glasses.

” So you have not bought  a present for him from my Over the Moon silver baby gifts website then?” No, he admitted sheepishly I never thought!!!

How, when you have got the very special event of christening your first grandson, can you forget you have a silversmith living next door???????

It just goes to show in this society that we are all rushing around so much these days that we sometimes miss the obvious.

He is still a good friend.

New Silver Baby Gifts Website

Today – Monday is the first weekday of the newly designed and built silver baby gifts website for the range known as “over the moon” baby gifts The range was originally conceived in 2006. It is a matching contemporary collection (as opposed to the usual hotch potch) with an amusing moon and stars logo on each piece

The collection has price points from £145 to £850 to suit most pockets and is presented in a purpose made distinctive green box, printed with the moon and stars theme.

Each box has a luxury green satin lining into which each piece nestles.

Made in Brentwood, England from sterling silver – up to a standard and not down to a price.

Are you “over the moon” with your new arrival? Visit and choose something to mark the occasion.

Silver Christening Gifts

A christening or a baptism is a special and joyful occasion for all those involved. Over recent years people have come to realise the importance of giving meaningful christening presents to the child that is being baptised.

There are many traditions that many people like to follow during this celebration, for example dressing the child  in a traditional baptism gown. Like the traditions that follow the ceremony there are also traditional symbolic gifts that the child has to receive on the day. Traditionally the godparents and anyone one else who attends the ceremony are to present the child anything silver. Traditions have it that giving silver, wishes prosperity to the child and the family.

JA Campbell have a superb collection of silver christening presents including sterling silver baby gifts that would be great for anyone to present to the child on the day of the christening. Some of these christening gifts include:

Sterling Silver Classic Baby Rattle – Hand made hallmarked sterling silver bell with imitation ivory handle. Perfectly smooth and safe for any new baby to use.

Sterling Silver Baby Brush – This is one of the ‘over the moon’ sterling silver baby gifts that can be used for the early years of a baby’s life and prove a talking point for years to come.

All the sterling silver baby gifts can be engraved with names and/or dates which will personalise the gift and mark the occasion and will be family pieces of silver for years to come.