Improvised Egg Cup

If you think that the egg cup in the picture below is a bit unusual, you are correct.

Egg cup

It is not actually an egg cup (although it works very well as one). It is in fact a Silver Claret Jug component.

It is bad isn’t it when a silversmith has not got a proper egg cup and has to make do! It is a bit like the shoemaker’s children – usually poorly shod.

The good news is I am busy actually making a batch of Silver Claret Jugs – the real thing in which to serve your favourite wine.



Al fresco is coming

An essential piece of the al fresco summer table is the stylish sterling silver and crystal salad bowl. The sterling silver salad servers seen in action during one of my recent evening meals complement the bowl perfectly. Still in the dining room at the moment- but I have high hopes for some warm summer weather to come soon!!

Salad bowl

You may wish to add other important items such as the sterling silver oil and vinegar set and the sterling silver salt and pepper mills not forgetting a sterling silver and crystal decanter for your chilled Chablis.

Enjoy the summer soon to come!

Same Claret Jug broken twice

Last week I had a phone call from an Army officer saying that he had had an accident with one of our chalice Claret jugs – yet again! Could we repair it?

He and his wife had bought it from one of the London department stores in 2000 (millenium hallmark) when they were “flush” his wife quipped. Sometime after that she had accidentally knocked the crystal body with the stopper and broken the body. We fitted a new crystal body back on to the original silver mount.

The next and current occasion was when one of her children was laying the table. Somehow it had been broken again. This time it happened in Belgium and he hand delivered the silver mount minus most of the crystal to our Brentwood workshop.

The remains of the broken crystal body were removed from the mount along wit the fixing plaster. The mount was then cleaned, re-polished and fitted on to a new crystal body.

It is now like new again and winging its way back to Belgium to be reunited with the family. I hope for their sake that we do not see it again.

In theory though there is no limit to the amount of repair this Claret jug can take!

Silver & Crystal Decanters

At this time of year one of the most popular items in our range are Silver & Crystal decanters.

At the main meal on Christmas day what could be better to really set off your table than by serving wine in one of our elegant decanters. There are a selection of shapes to choose from and even a double size one that holds two bottles of wine – the Magnum decanter– if you have a large number to serve. It saves time refilling the decanter.

Red wine, even white wine, definitely the after dinner port or sherry and all the spirits!!

All our decanters are in stock and there is still time to have one delivered in time for Christmas – as a present or for your own table.

JA Campbell Silversmiths – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week- we can take your order

Check out the selection now!!

Who could ask for anything more?

As the title says “who could ask for anything more?”

Claret or any red wine? served from a Silver & Crystal Claret Jug

It just has to be SILVER from JA Campbell. Made in England – both the crystal and the silver.

Still time to order for Christmas delivery.

Crystal decanter – change of supplier

Life is never dull is it?

Last year, 2012, my square decanter supplier went broke! Starts up again, and asks for cash up front for the new order! I do not think so says I !!!! for obvious reasons.

The good news was that my long-term English supplier of all my round crystal (Dartington) had just started to run a square, but the bad news was that it was flat panelled at the neck making a snug fir for a silver collar “difficult”

New tooling was quickly produced but 4 unsightly gaps were present where the silver collar passed over the flat panels.

In frustration and desperation I decided to take a week off work for the Christmas holiday with the intention to come back refreshed and with a solution to this problem. I thought the unthinkable at the time. Why not try cutting and fitting the bottom edge of the round silver collar to fit snugly over the square flat panels? Downside, if this had not worked it would have spoilt the prototype and a different plan would have needed to be worked up, but, “yippee!” not only did it fit, it looked good. The sterling silver & crystal square decanter now sports a “pretty” shaped skirt.

To decant or not to decant?

As a silversmith one of my most popular ranges consists of a selection of crystal decanters, each with a silver collar.

There are a range of different shapes and sizes, some more suitable for red wine some for white. I am often asked should we decant white wine or only red? I am no expert but have been led to believe that red should always be decanted and it is down to personal choice on white wine.

This leads me to think of our business trips to Germany where we always try and spend an extra day or two preferably over a weekend. This gives time to relax and have a bike ride along the river Ruhr and stock up on local Riesling to bring home with us. The riverside cycle paths are excellent with local cafes along the way. The Germans are very fussy consumers and everything has to be just right (I quite agree with them!) and we know the wine we buy locally there will be of a much higher quality than what they export. So it makes it ideal to buy from this area.

It is also very interesting from a cultural point of view with a rich industrial heritage and plenty of things to do and see in the area. I hope you get the chance to visit as I do. My first time was as an exchange with another pupil when I was about 12 years old, quite an adventure at that time in the mid 1950’s and not knowing a word of German. After a month I was doing pretty well. Good memories.

Back to the silversmith workshop for another successful day. Choose a silver & crystal decanter.

John Campbell 

Silver and Crystal Decanters

A wine decanter is one piece of barware that you can purchase that will drastically change the wine that you drink. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a lover of glass and silverware JA Campbell have a great selection of elegant silver and crystal decanters that will suit your requirements.

JA Campbell Silversmiths have a number of different decanters available. The Sterling Silver and Crystal Connoisseur Decanter is part of our ‘Appetite’ collection. With its elegant hallmarked sterling silver collar, its perfecr to hold port, sherry, spirit, white or red wines. This decanter is mouth blown using pure crystal.

Another popular decanter is the Sterling Silver and Crystal Hogget Decanter. This is a domed-bottom hallmarked sterling silver-mounted decanter and is fantastic for serving after-dinner port. The decanter is also mouth blown using pure crystal.

If you are looking for a decanter that is a little bit different then why not have a look at our Sterling Silver and Crystal Golf Decanter. This decanter has a hallmarked sterling silver collar, mounted on mouth blown English crystal, hand cut to the shape of golf ball. This decanter is a great prize to give for those corporate golf days. Like many other decanters from J A Campbell you can have personalised engraving put onto either the crystal or the silver decanter, to make them that extra bit special.

If you are looking for a stylish and elegant decanter then JA Campbell Silversmiths can defiantly help you out. We have a huge selection of silver and crystal decanters that are perfect for any occasion. Decanters are also a great gift idea too, whether that is a corporate gift or an excellent gift for him or her.