Cleaning Silver Tableware

I am often asked what is the best way to clean our silver so I have put together this brief summary. However if you have a particular problem with any silver item I will be happy to discuss this with you. I hope you find this information useful.

John Campbell, Designer and Master Silversmith

For most items, firstly, wash in a solution of warm water containing the usual small amount of washing up liquid in order to remove food and wine residues then dry using a clean soft cotton cloth.

Items such as photo frames, salt or pepper mills, candlesticks with baize bases should not be immersed but wiped with a soft damp cloth in the same above mentioned solution and dried.

It is possible to buff-up/polish the item four or five times at monthly intervals using just a soft cloth or cotton wool, provided the tarnish is light.

After this period a proprietary silver polish will be necessary, J.A.Campbell have used ‘Silvo’ by Rickett and Colman for 50 years and believe it to be the best.

Finally remove the light white powdery residue with a clean soft cloth.

In September 2007 J.A.Campbell changed production (of decanter tops at first) to  the tarnish resistant sterling silver made by Cookson Precious Metals called Brilliante. This decreases polish frequency approximately five-fold. Next in line for changing to Brilliante was the Chalice Claret Jug.

Since then we are using tarnish resistant silver for more products in our range and feed back from customers has been very positive.

If you have any questions on caring for your silver, please contact the technical department at J.A.Campbell on 01277 217829.

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Home dining

sterling silver vegetable turreenModern 8 inch candlestickOne of the most enjoyable experiences I can think of is eating at home surrounded by good company with a table set with beautiful china, crystal and of course silver. Silver is my business so, of course, it is close to my heart.

Home dining is something that I think maybe lost its way some years ago with the increase in the wide variety of restaurants available and every pub seemed to serve food of some description. But I firmly believe, talking to friends and business colleagues, that this trend is now in reverse and people are appreciating as I do the intimacy of a home situation.

If you are as busy as I am and work long hours I sometimes spend too little time at home, so I really look forward to entertaining and enjoying my home.

Part of this is creating a table to be proud of and making your guests feel they are special.

I feel so strongly on this subject that when I had my last brochure produced I insisted that the first 2 pages should show a picture of a table towards the end of a meal creating that feeling of well being and a meal enjoyed at home with special guests.

I would be interested to know if you agree with me on the subject of home dining and why it is important to you

John Campbell Designer and Master Silversmith

Silver Under Plate

sterling silver oil and vinegar

Silver ‘the ultimate corporate gift’

range of dishes to suit most occasionsAre you a busy P.A.? Has your boss asked you to sort out yet another event and organise the appropriate gifts to present to all the right people? Do they need ordering, costing, engraving, maybe even a special design? This could be a headache, but we have a solution.

Look at  website and you will find a wide selection of items to suit your needs all in one place. My sales staff can advise you of appropriate gifts to suit your budget, arrange estimates for engraving and take all the hard work away from you. Delivery will be on time, beautifully packaged in lined presentation boxes, and gift wrapped if required.

We have a history of supplying corporate gifts to prominent organisations and sporting events. Whether it be a trophy for a big race, champagne goblets to a well known footballer, a silver salver to a retiring vice chancellor of a university, the list is endless.

It may be that you require a large number of items to present to many of your employees, just ask and we will be happy to discuss your requirements