Money Clip

It is strange how new items come to be made. The money clip I have just designed started with a conversation with a friend on my train journey home. Alison  asked me if I could supply her with a money clip for a colleague at work who had a special birthday quite soon. I explained that we did not have such an item in our range and suggested a couple of alternatives she might like to give.

However, Alison is a very positive and forthright character and she made it very plain a money clip was what she wanted and that she thought I should design one!!!

 Well, I like to rise to a challenge and so agreed to consider it. As there was only a couple of weeks before this gift was needed, I needed to move quickly. So I went into work the next day and put together some ideas. It quickly became clear this would need to be hard rolled for strength and made in tarnish reststant silver to be suitable for daily use.

I made it 1″ wide and had it hall marked on the back to leave room for engraving to be put on the front, if it needed to be personalised. I was pleased with the result and have added it to my range of gifts for men.

Needless to say Alison was delighted with her part in this and I am sure in the future she may give me another short notice challenge.

I would be interested to know what you think of it.

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith

The versatile Jug!

When designing a new piece it is not always immediately obvious just how many uses may develop for the one item. An example of this is the Sterling Silver and Crystal Cocktail Jug. It took a while to decide on the name for this item, as it certainly had many different possibilities as to how it could be used. Pimms, Martini, Fruit Juice, Sparkliing Water, Punch, Mulled wine – the list is endless and covers all parts of the day through to evening and throughout the seasons. this is a truly versatile jug.

Hand blown clear English crystal allows you to admire the contents before tasting. The elegant sweep of the silver top and handle give a beautiful shape to the jug. If you wish a handmade sterling silver lid can be added, which is very useful for keeping out annoying insects when dining al fresco. A long handled stirrer is another useful accessory.

From September 2008 all 3 pieces are made from tarnish resistant sterling silver which substantially reduces the polishing frequency.

One of the things I try to achieve when designing a piece is for people to enjoy using it – not something to put in a cupboard and bring out once a year on a special occasion. Make everyday special and use your silver – enjoy it!

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith