Christmas Cheer!

When Christmas comes closer it always makes me think of the Christmas meal and entertaining. I start to check my stocks of carefully chosen wine, port, liquers and, of course, what am I going to serve each of them in.

Luckily being a silversmith I have over the years gathered a good range of decanters suitable for all the above and also a range of accessories that complement the whole process of serving, drinking and enjoying the Christmas cheer!

To start the Christmas festivities a glass of bucks fizz will be ideally served in our Pimms/Cocktail jug.

An elegant white wine will go perfectly with the light prawn and mango starter, served from the Agatha or Chateauneuf decanter.   

If you have gone to the trouble of choosing a good quality red wine for your main course, most experts will tell you that it must be decanted and allowed to breathe. Our Chalice and Connoisseur decanters are both ideal for this purpose.

When it comes to port you will be spoilt for choice, our Admiral decanter is perfect, especially as we have a Christmas offer on our website at the moment –  a pair of crystal port glasses free when purchasing this particular decanter.

If you really want to impress then why not go for the Hogget.

The story behind this  is that because the hogget has a round curved bottom and sits in a silver base, if, as the host you keep the silver base in front of you then no guest can ‘hog’ the port as they have to return it to you when they have poured their drink!

A final glass of brandy from either the Directors or Connoisseur decanter covers all the options.

To complement these fine decanters I have designed a range of accessories, a t-bar corkscrew, a bottle opener, a bar knife, assorted engraved silver labels for each decanter, a wine taster, a wine funnel,  and a drinks measure.

All decanters can be used with one of our range of coasters, and a set of 6 drinks coasters and stand complete the collection.

To appreciate the full range and make your selection easy please visit our website which has good clear pictures and full pricing details 

Christmas Lunch at Home

At this time of year an interesting debate takes place in the firm as to which products will be the most sought after items for Christmas entertaining and presents.

Of course this is all connected to levels of production and which to increase, past histories are studied and estimates made for this year.

The most consistent items are candlestickscondiment sets, tureens, underplates, napkin rings, athena bowls, the campbell dish,  juice/pimms jugs and assorted personal gifts.

It is easy to see why the candle sticks are a firm favourite as the Christmas meal, in my opinion, is the most important meal of the year and to set that perfect table for family and friends is so important. What could be more enjoyable for your family than Christmas lunch at home. You are able to choose where your food and wine come from, locally sourced meat and vegetables, all helping to reduce food miles and do our bit to help the planet too!

However, to move on to our collection of Christmas tableware, our range of candlesticks is quite extensive, from traditional Georgian style to the modern ‘Appetite’ collection. There is something to suit every taste. As the Christmas meal progresses and the soft candlelight glows on the silver on your table, that wonderful mellow feeling of contentment and satisfaction grows.

I feel so strongly about this time in the meal that I insisted in my last brochure that the first 2 pages contained a shot of this special ambiance 

The juice jug has such a wide range of uses throughout the day that it is in constant use in an entertaining situation. Bucks fizz for breakfast? Sparkling water at the lunch table?, cocktails in the evening? The list is endless. 

Why not also have a browse through our website for some personal gift ideas? 

A silver money clip for the man who has everything including good taste! a silver photo frame for that special treasured photograph, a silver candle snuffer to bring an end to a perfect day?

I hope you enjoy your christmas

Very best wishes from all at JA Campbell


A new addition to the ‘Appetite’ collection

Earlier this year I had an order arrive for 3 sterling silver teasets which each consist of a teapot, sugar basin, and milk jug. The customer also requested 3 coffee pots to match. At that moment in time I had not designed a coffee pot for that collection. However I enjoy a challenge and I looked at the delivery date and calculated I should be able to meet it.

So out came the drawing board and some concentrated effort was applied. I soon came up with a complimentary design and sent it off to the customer for approval. All fine so far, and, yes, design approved – go ahead. As people that know me will agree I am not the best estimator of time and frequently under estimate how long things will take.

Time started passing quite quickly and I was getting very edgey about meeting the deadline and going on my planned sailing holiday. As you can probably guess work came first – holiday delayed.

There were a few teething problems with manufacture and the hand carved handles proved a challenge, but the coffee pots were superb. See if you agree? They are now part of the ‘Appetite’ collection.

The coffee pot is made from tarnish resistant silver which substantially reduces the polishing frequency. Holding approximately 800ml, this hansomely proportioned coffee pot with its hand carved maple handle will delight discerning coffee drinkers for generations to come.

Please have a look at the ‘Appetite’ collection

 John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith