Movers & Shakers!

Another Milestone in Production at J A Campbell

‘New Years Eve Party’ the way forward for entertaining your guest.

Impress your guests with this magnificent Sterling Silver Drinks Collection.

At the top of my list has to be the Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker which is a must have when making your ‘cosmopolitans’, since December 2008 it is Tarnish Resistant Silver, it holds 1/2 litre of fluid, the top lid can be used for measuring out your spirits, it has double line turned decoration matching it to the rest of the collection.

To accompany this product we have a comprehensive selection of barware:

When serving your guests, I think you always want the wow factor I have designed these Sterling Silver Cocktail Sticks so you can add the finishing touch to your cocktail by adding an olive or cherry on top.

Can you imagine serving a drink with no ice, then use our Sterling Silver Ice Bucket with lid, this will gracefully adorn your bar or table so that ice is always to hand. The raised sieve in the bottom creates a reservoir for melted ice and the process of melting is slowed.

Wine has become increasingly popular so this impressive Handmade Sterling Silver Wine Cooler will keep your chosen wine at the right temperature. Why not add my Sterling Silver Drip Ring which prevents drips running down the bottle, the furniture or yourself it has red felt inside which is washable this makes a great inexpensive gift.

There are two types of glasses a Tumbler and Highball glass, they are both Hand-blown English Crystal and have a detachable Sterling Silver base, to stir your drink why not include my Hallmarked Sterling Silver paddle mixer with its beautiful twisted handle.

To serve your drinks I have designed two sizes of  Trays the smaller 12inches diameter and the larger 15inches. The larger of these is also suitable for carrying the Sterling Silver Tea set.

Finally some little extra items to complete the J A Campbell Sterling Silver Barware, additional accessories consist of a Sterling Silver Wine Stopper, a Sterling Silver Cork Holder, a functional Bar-knife which has a steel blade mounted with a handmade hallmarked Sterling Silver rod handle with double line motif. The most important tool if you’re a wine buff will be this heavy duty hallmarked Sterling Silver Cork Screw with steel worm and solid rod handle, if you prefer a chilled beer a heavy duty Bottle Opener is for you. A Sterling Silver Beaker/Schnapps Cup is useful as a vodka cup and has a double turned line decoration at the top, when measuring you spirits I have designed a Sterling Silver single/double drinks measure an easy way to get the proportions of your cocktails right, one half is a single and at the other end is a double measure. After pouring your drinks the last thing you want is stains on your table, a modern set of 6 Sterling Silver Drink Coasters which stack and sit on a maple wood stand, is a useful addition.

Designer & Silversmith

John Campbell





Fantastic way to serve your wine!

Being a Wine Connoisseur  myself I was eager to design and make decanters. 

I first adopted my ‘Classic Silver’ collection which consists of Brandy/Sherry decanter, Ships decanter for your wine/port and the Spirit decanter. These are all Cut Crystal traditional styles.

Through the years styles have changed so I designed and directed a new contemporary range called  ‘Appetite’ These are a wider range of shapes and sizes to suit all. For the spirit drinkers Highlander and Connoisseur. The Admiral decanter is a Ships type with a wide base and traditionaly used for port. 

When I’m entertaining guests I use the Agatha and Chalice decanters. One of my favorites has to be Chalice Claret jug which is Silver mounted with a silver handle attached – this is a ‘must have’ for serving claret, and irresistible for the wine buff.  If your looking for a special something for a gentleman its the Directors Decanter ,and for a lady I would choose the Chateauneuf. The Hogget Decanter, says it all in its name, it has a rounded bottom and can only sit in its accompaning sterling silver bowl.

All of these items can have the crystal replaced should the odd accident happen.

Hope you enjoy browsing through my range of silver & crystal decanters.

Designer and Silversmith

John Campbell 

Probably the best production silver salt & pepper mills in the world!

My sterling silver salt and pepper grinders have been designed for modern living and are part of  my ‘Appetite’ collection. 

The salt mill is gold plated inside to prevent any corrosion from salt, they are both fitted with  Peugeot mechanisms and carry a life long guarantee. The pepper grinder has a black enamel spot to distinguish it from its companion which has a white spot. Both are since the summer of 2008, made from Tarnish Resistant silver if purchased from J A Campbell direct. Some retailers may still have the non Tarnish Resistant models in stock.

There is nothing nicer than grinding fresh salt and pepper over your meal with these luxury grinders. I use mine twice a day every day (except when having cornflakes) and take great pleasure in their use. Your friends and relatives will envy you and admire your taste. 

In the last couple of years various styles of antique salt and pepper mills have been sent to me for repair all containing Peugeot mechanisms – but not working properly. After a general clean up and a few new screws these antique mills with their Peugeot mechanisms worked perfectly once more.

Enjoy using silver everyday!

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith

Candles in the modern world.

Rumour has it that people are using candles at their dinner tables, so whats wrong with the modern halogen, tungsten, neon, LED lights etc?

Well nothing, its just that candles held in a candlestick, primitive as they are, add a huge bit of extra ambiance to the occasion.

I make two different styles of candlesticks ,one contemporary from the “appetite” collection and the second, Georgian style  reproduction from the “classic” collection. Both made up to a standard and not down to a price and representing good long term value for money.

Whatever next? Cooking outdoors in the summer using charcoal!

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John Campbell

Designer & Master Silversmith