Silver Wedding

If your best friends were due to have their silver wedding, what would you buy them? a crystal jug? a brass candlestick? No you would look for silver!

What better way than to search on the internet in the comfort of your own home. I have recently launched a new website and it is remarkably simple to use and I am sure you will be able to find a suitable gift. 

This is the one time in a persons life that no other gift will do – it has to be silver. Of all the wedding anniversaries there are, SILVER is the most well known and the one that has the most presents bought by friends and family. After that comes the Golden wedding anniversary, but that is for another blog.

Silver has inherent qualities that make it very desirable to collectors and for the couple that want that one special item to cherish and remind them of a special occasion or to spoil themselves with something that they can use everyday and still look good.

That is one of the main attractions of silver, it needs to be used, it can be used, each and every day and will still look good. Experts recommend silver should be used regularly to enhance its appearance, rather than it be sat in a cupboard or on a display.

The range of gifts available is endless, from a personalised engraved gift from husband to wife or vice versa to a gift from family and friends.

My collections will meet the needs of traditional to contemporary tastes with the classic or appetite ranges. Some items are available in both styles for example candlesticks traditional or modern.

Whatever you choose I hope you will be delighted with your silver. Please take a few moments to look at my website and see the range of gifts available, it is split conveniently in sections for you to browse easily.

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith

A new website!

Technology is moving faster than ever and I do try to keep in touch with what is happening. I decided a few months ago that perhaps it was time to have a new website designed.

How to select a company was my next thought. As I am a small business myself I like to support other small businesses. I am a member of the Small Business Federation and looked to the last issue of their magazine to see if anyone was advertising website design. There were quite a few, so I choose several and sent off a preliminary enquiry.

The company that first responded as I had requested was SCK Webworks. I liked the sound of their business ethics and arranged a meeting. (I also had discussions with one or two other companies)

It soon became clear that we were on the same wave length and very quickly they were appointed to design and manage my new website. Within a month proposals were in front of me and a suggested homepage. I now have a new fully functioning website and the orders are coming in!

What a success! Further developments are still continuing following customer feedback. One example of this is the way that engraving is dealt with on the site. The initial comments were that it was too complicated, so with in the week that area was redesigned and now is so simple to use.

Engraving is available on almost every item in my collection. There are examples of the different fonts and you can type in your message and see how it looks and the cost as you go along. Engraving adds that personal touch to your gift that makes all the difference.

Please have a look at my new site and let me know what you think.

John Campbell