Golden Wedding

I know perhaps a Golden Wedding may not seem to immediately prompt a search on a Sterling Silver website, however you may be surprised!

A Golden wedding is a very special occasion as a couple that have been married for 50 years tend to have a large family and many friends. Whilst this could mean they have many precious items already, something in gold can be treasured for many years by the couple and then by their family for generations to come. To have a combination of silver and gold is the best of both worlds 

Many of our items are either gold plated for a reason, for example the inside of a sterling silver salt shaker or grinder to protect from corrosion. Similarly some of our silver spoons are gold plated for the same reason, along with the sterling silver open salt or mustard server.

In addition to these sterling silver gold plated items many other products in our collection can be gold plated to give a totally different look.

Some examples of this are sterling silver napkin rings, decanter tops, and various sterling silver dishes , all of which can be engraved with  a message of your choice which will ensure your gift is a truly memorable one.

Please browse my website and give me a call if you wish to discuss any item in my collection and I will give you the best advice I can.

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith

The ‘Popular’ item

Over the years there has been one piece in my company that has always been the best seller – the Claret jug from the ‘Appetite’ collection.

It is not difficult to see why when you look at the design and the elegant lines that sweep from top to bottom. I have other Claret jugs in different collections, from the Adam style to the latest Grape & Vine handle version, at a slightly lower price point. I feel there is something to suit all tastes.

In recent months the price of silver has risen sharply and I have been struggling to hold prices. Luckily it seems to have settled down a little and I have decided I can hold my price points at this moment in time.

With Christmas fast approaching why not settle down in the comfort of your own home and browse through my website and choose that something special, either to spoil yourself or someone else?

Please let me know if the Claret jug becomes your favourite, I know it is mine

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith