Sterling Silver versus the Furniture

Saturday night is usually curry night at home and on this occasion a new recipe was chosen necessitating a glass of wine to help the chef (me) concentrate on the new creation. Several glasses later and further into the procedure I moved the sterling silver and crystal chalice decanter from one work surface to another giving the wooden edge of the kitchen cabinet a hard thump on route. My heart sank as I examined the decanter expecting a dent at the very least. Thankfully due to the heavy gauge of the silver used – no problem. However on examination of the cupboard – oops! a dent was found.

As we were drinking a nice Sicilian red we had decanted the wine as recommended. This allows the wine to come to life having spent the last 4 years or so in the bottle. It also aeriates it and allows the full fruit flavours of the wine to develop.

We use .5mm thickness of sterling silver for our decanter tops which is considerably thicker than most other manufacturers. The extra thickness reduces the possibility of accidental damage as described above. On rare occasions it is the crystal body that suffers damage and it is quite easily resolved by fitting a new body.

At JA Campbell we offer this replacement service.

I hope you find a decanter to enjoy. Please look through the comprehensive selection on my website

John Campbell

Designer and Master Silversmith