Queens Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth 2nd’s Diamond Jubilee is being commemorated with a special limited edition hallmark for 12 months only.

This is in the form of a profile of the young Queen Elizabeth wearing an oversized crown in a diamond shaped surround.

This will make all items bearing this mark highly collectable in the future. All JA Campbell items made during the period will carry the jubilee mark.

Enjoy browsing the JA Campbell website at your lesiure and make your choice. This will be especially significant if you or members of your family are celebrating a diamond anniversary, or 60th  birthday in the next 12 months, and, of course the obvious silver wedding anniversary in any year.

I will be happy to answer any queries you may have on engraving or hallmarking generally.

John Campbell

Master Silversmith

Silver as a Hedge

If you were to buy the silver and crystal claret jug today, smash the crystal out and sell it for scrap tomorrow you would recover about a third of the original purchase price. Worst case scenario! This discounts everything that has gone into the creation of this piece, the VAT, the craftsmanship, the crystal, the presentation case, JA Campbell’s costs and profit.

However, it is most likely never going to be that bad, the chances are that you will keep it, use it and enjoy it. Then when you have left this world it will probably get passed on to your heirs or grandchildren. They may choose to sell it. The value then will probably be far greater than when you originally purchased it. Being portable the chances are that it will change hands secretly so the dreaded taxman will not know about it and therefore not attract the dreaded inheritance tax.

Bear in mind that you can never in theory own a piece of silver, you are just the custodian for a future generation.

Silver, although having increased in price substantially recently,(£3.20 in 2004 to £24 in July 2011) is still below its historic ratio with gold (1/16th). Demand for silver is currently outstripping supply, 2 good reasons to expect the price to increase even further in the not too distant future.

Buy now, and enjoy the experience before the bullion price goes up even further.