Austerity and Silver

The fallout from the Lehman Brothers debacal has put many people, including me, around the globe into austerity mode. Where can we make savings ? Utility bills, restaurant visits, motoring measures, the list is endless. Once you have achieved these savings you get to like the experience and carry on regardless. Do I really need that new shirt or new car? Indeed I have cut down my tea bag consumption by 50% It is so petty because I am not exactly poor, but I am enjoying the new game of making savings.

When this game has gone full circle it will be time to start spending again, but this time on luxuries, things for the home, things of value, things for the family and for handing down to future generations. Items of intrinsic value that are mobile and which the dreaded taxman won’t get his greedy grubby fingers on. Something which will not attract a thief. What fits this description? SILVERWARE

A set of wonderful silver underplates to stand your beautiful china plates on when entertaining your friends and family. Just imagine when surrounded by good company with good wine on the table followed by a wonderful home cooked meal made from the best ingredients you can find, home grown or at least organic!

Who could ask for anything more????

As one who ‘hates shopping’, well most shopping; especially the supermarket/multiple type – Yes, I hate shopping. But the quality independent type shopping, well that is a different story. This is a pleasure, good service and good quality. This is what I do in my private life and what I try to extend into the business life. I believe that the discerning few who are like me enjoy good shopping and patronising good businesses.

A cycle shop which I patronise in London, called Condor cycles, (part of the Rapha Condor Sharp race team) is a prime example of an excellent independent retailer and manufacturer. People who use this shop are not just pleased with the experience are highly delighted. The young family who own the business keep their fingers constantly on the pulse and will be occasionally found serving customers in the shop.

The Kingscott bakery in Upminster and the Marks and Spencer branch, also in Upminster are also examples of an excellent independent and a good branch of a multiple.

I quote these examples of how it is possible to delight and please people to indicate my commitment to by business philosophy and hope that when you choose to shop at JA Campbell that you will take away similar thoughts.

By owning a piece of silver by JA Campbell you will become the proud custodian of a piece of future history and intrinsic value in these days of uncertainty.

John Campbell

Master Silversmith