Silver on the table. Always look on the ‘bright’ side of life

In this dreadful society in which we live, of waste, squalor, throw away, landfil, polution, selfishness, obesity – I could go on…….. It is lovely to wake up refreshed in body and mind and eat breakfast with a few pieces of silver on the table, provided it is kept nicely polished.

Silver with its shine is a wake up reminder of quality of the good old days. By the ‘good old days’ I do not mean ‘fusty crusty’ because silver tableware can be modern. Just take a look at my ‘Appetite’ collection. Silver because of it’s intrinsic value is most unlikely to become landfill, at the worst it could be scrapped, melted down and changed into some other form. The most likely senario is that it will be passed down through the family to the next generation.

One of the plus sides is that the dreaded ‘taxman’ does not get his grubby hands on the inheritance tax element.

For those who can afford something nice something of lasting value.

Wake up to sterling silver – handmade by Master Silversmith John Campbell in Brentwood, England.