Savvy Cycling Silversmith

Recently a neighbour on our business park asked my advise on buying a new bike. This is a skilled instrument maker and what I thought would be a discerning buyer. I told him that paying less than £1000 at retail was risking landfill.

Yesterday he showed me his new bike bought on line for £350, he had an unhappy look on his face. After a quick inspection I shared his opinion. He said that (with hindsight) what should I expect for £350?

The savvy cyclist shops at Condor Cycles in Grays Inn Road, London. There you will get the best advice (essential if you are new to cycling) but no landfill bikes. The excellent service and advice does not end with the purchase, it goes on and has done for 60 years, back when Monty Young first established the business. His philosophy was ‘always find time to chat to the cyclist, they may become customers one day.

Monty was joined by his son Grant who moved the business into a league using the same philosophy and increasing the racing element. They were then joined by the third generation sons, Josh and Sebastian. The business continues to move up into a higher league yet. The racing had helped add valuable and quality publicity to the marketing effort with recent wins for Team Rapha Condor Sharp in the King of the Mountains competition for Jon Tiernan Locke last year and Christian House this year in the Tour of Britain.

It is the little things that count at Condor and make the difference in their customer service. Some months ago I broke the rails on my saddle and went to Condors for a replacement. They asked if I would like it fitted there and then, I said yes, and sat down to wait while they fitted it. 10 minutes later Greg the staff trainer came back with the bad news that my seat post was broken. The owner Grant overheard this conversation and instructed Greg to look for a used spare part in their scrap box. He came back with a secondhand seat post free of charge and free fitting. Cyclists in the south listen!!!! Money can’t buy service this good. It is the thinking cyclist’s duty to patronise Condor Cycles for the good of cycling.

Now why is this in a silversmiths‘s blog? Well everyone needs to relax sometimes and cycling is my way of unwinding

John Campbell