Weekend entertaining with Silver

With the weekend approaching one starts to have thoughts about inviting friends and family round for a bite to eat and a few glasses. It’s about the enjoyment of entertaining. Tidy the place up a bit, shop for some nice ingredients, buy some nice wine, polish the silver?

So what’s new?

Thousands of years ago cave dwellers would have done exactly the same (although they probably would not have waited until the weekend) Inviting the people from the next cave, tidying the place up a bit, catching a fresh rabbit, checking the mead was cool enough, checking the tallow stock – maybe they did not have any silver to polish!

Too many people today have lost the art of conviviality, forgotten the enjoyment that can come from entertaining. Sitting alone in their apartments watching TV. Turn over a new leaf, start a new way of life, phone some friends and ask them round.

Buy a small piece of silver tableware, a sterling silver pepper mill (just to show off a bit – create a talking point. Have a read through your recipe book and order some wine.

Enjoyment is on your doorstep!

I practice what I preach and it works, that feel good factor takes some beating!!!!

New Silver Baby Gifts Website

Today – Monday is the first weekday of the newly designed and built silver baby gifts website for the range known as “over the moon” baby gifts The range was originally conceived in 2006. It is a matching contemporary collection (as opposed to the usual hotch potch) with an amusing moon and stars logo on each piece

The collection has price points from £145 to £850 to suit most pockets and is presented in a purpose made distinctive green box, printed with the moon and stars theme.

Each box has a luxury green satin lining into which each piece nestles.

Made in Brentwood, England from sterling silver – up to a standard and not down to a price.

Are you “over the moon” with your new arrival? Visit www.overthemoonbabygifts.com and choose something to mark the occasion.