Sales upturn!

JA Campbell Silversmiths are experiencing a healthy upturn in sales since the start of 2013. This is a very welcome situation after a rather poor previous year.

An interesting recent sale was for two magnum decanters which are to be presented to the same gentleman in Scotland. They are in appreciation for the service he has given to his company for the last 50 years. Now that deserves some recognition.

It also says that this man must really like his wine, or has a large family as a magnum decanter holds two bottles of wine!!

A nice story and one that makes the day a little more interesting by speaking directly to our customers. Give us a ring and have a chat about the silver we make in Brentwood, England.

John Campbell

Master Silversmith

Channel Island Silver

This is a slightly unusual day which occurs about once a year, a day in which I make replicas of Channel Island silver articles. They fall into 2 main categories and are in different sizes of each.

The first category is the Channel Islands Loving Cup. These are small beaker like cups in 2 sizes sitting on a short waisted base. Each has 2 handles with a beaded pattern on the back of the top section. The second category is Bashans, in 4 sizes from 7″ diameter down to 3″ diameter. These are a shallow bowl with a narrow flat horizontal edge. This edge is frequently decorated with a flat chased pattern of single line crescent moons.

The Channel Islands have a long history of silverware manufacturing which is being kept alive by the Guernsey silversmith Bruce Russell. Bruce performs the hallmarking services for Guernsey. The Channel Islands once boasted a silver mine situated on the island of Sark. The ruins of which could be still be seen in 1998.

A bit of history, as well as excellent quality handmade silver tableware!

Silver as an investment

Sterling silver, the metal used exclusively in all my manufacture is good in that it does not deteriorate in time, is easy to maintain, has health properties, is portable, has a good residual value, is an excellent status symbol, can be reworked/reformed into another article…. The list is endless!!

However, its investment value is slightly lacking due to its semi precious nature. This can be changed/enhanced by making the same object in other more precious metals. ie. Gold or Platinum or even adding some precious stones such as diamonds.

An excellent example is that to have a chalice claret jug made in 18 carat gold would probably cost about £5000 instead of the £995 it costs in sterling silver in early March 2013.

Bearing the London hallmark for 18 carat gold it could be converted to instant cash on presentation to any of the reputable bullion dealers around the world. for example.

What a nice thing to leave to your loved ones when you depart this planet. And to enjoy using when still around of course!

The “inheritance tax” man doesn’t need to know about it either.

Over the garden fence

During an over the fence conversation at the weekend with my next door neighbour John, he revealed the fact that he had a christening the next day, Sunday. I asked if it was his grandson and John said yes it is.

I stepped back a few paces and looked at him over my glasses.

” So you have not bought  a present for him from my Over the Moon silver baby gifts website then?” No, he admitted sheepishly I never thought!!!

How, when you have got the very special event of christening your first grandson, can you forget you have a silversmith living next door???????

It just goes to show in this society that we are all rushing around so much these days that we sometimes miss the obvious.

He is still a good friend.