Eureka! Silver websites!!

Last week the updated JA Campbell silver site went live and fully optimised.

Silver lovers around the world and silver corporate gift and trophy hunters no longer have to search several pages to find the silversmith they need. JA Campbell is there in most searches.

From the elegant sterling silver claret jug , which makes a fantastic sporting gift to the simple but distinctive sterling silver pepper mill. Those who still enjoy fine dining can find everything they need for the table.

When it comes to find a unique sterling silver christening gift JA Campbell have these as well. Our website for baby gifts is the one you need. Here you will find a modern, John Campbell designed, matching range depicting an amusing moon and stars design on each item. They are purpose made and all can be engraved with names and dates to personalise.

Antique silver buyers – beware!

Anyone considering buying a piece of “antique” silver should be extremely wary as a large percentage of them are forgeries.The antique plate committee at Goldsmiths Hall in London provide a verification service. The committee has experts on various subjects including metallurgy.

When considering buying a piece of antique silver, either on line or from a retailer, tell the vendor that after purchase you intend to submit the item to the antique plate committee at Goldsmiths Hall in London for authentication. See what their reaction is.

Punishment for forging a UK hallmark and/or handling forged goods can be extremely serious and may result in a custodial sentence.

According to a private survey of antique silverware restorers, over 70% of sort after makers (for example, Paul Storr, Paul Lamerie, Hester Bateman and Omar Ramsden) are fakes. The fakers (I am told) even go to the lengths of using scrap antique silver (odd cutlery etc.) which can be bought cheaper than the current silver price. This antique silver contains the trace metals that the spectrometers will identify and therefore give a misleading scientific result.

Whilst illegal, this practice is also highly immoral and should not be encouraged/patronised by collectors looking for a bargain.

Items presented to the Antique Plate Committee at Goldsmiths Hall for authentification if proved negative can have their hallmarks either crossed out with a punch or obliterated and replaced with the current years hallmark.

All JA Campbell silver tableware is tested and hallmarked at the London Assay office, housed at Goldsmiths Hall in London. It contains 92.5%  pure silver and 7.5% pure copper, the correct alloy for sterling silver. The copper is added to hardened the otherwise too soft pure silver.

I hope you find this information useful.

Silver Christening Gifts

With the first signs of spring just emerging (although a bit late) daffodils starting to open, forsythia buds beginning to burst and the birds already into their 3 week of the dawn chorus.

This is the time when families begin making plans for the new baby’s christening or baptism. What should not be overlooked is the importance of marking the occasion with a permanent memento. This can and usually will be handed down to successive generations.

A cheap memento can be found at a typical high street store for example a china beaker, however why not choose a  much more classy memento? for example a sterling silver serviette ring (which can be engraved with the baby’s name and date of birth). This can be purchased for around £100 UK sterling from This is the entry level sterling silver baby gift and is part of a comprehensive matching collection made by JA Campbell Silversmiths in Brentwood England – up to a standard rather than down to a price.

Each piece in the collection comes in a fitted green box, with a green satin lining. The boxes are all printed with  amusing moon and stars images.

In years to come your gift will be a talking point, indeed, I know someone who uses her silver egg cup (purchased by her grandparents) at least once a week and it happens to be neatly engraved with her initials and she has had it over 56 years!!!

Try using silver and enjoy the pleasure it gives.