Silver Salad Servers – product improvement

Yesterday evening’s meal was a very nice mixed salad with cooked meats and cheese. I like to make my own dressing in the way I have done for the last 40 or so years.

The recipe, if you would like to try it is

1/4 teaspoon each of salt, pepper, and mustard powder

2 Tblsp White wine vinegar

2 Tblsp Olive Oil

1 Tblsp Natural Yoghurt

Place all ingredients in a jar, put lid on and shake well until emulsified. Enjoy!!

What I did notice on this occasion with the silver salad servers was a little staining from the salt content in the dressing as we did not wash them straight away after use.

In future the bowls and part of the handle will be hard gold plated to eliminate the problem.

Enhance your dining experience with silver by JA Campbell

Sterling Silver Breakfast

For those of us who still enjoy a proper breakfast before going off to work it is a time to mull over what the day has in store.

For us it consists of enjoying a delicious poached egg on toast, hand squeezed orange juice followed by fresh bread and butter, homemade jams and a cup of tea!

The poached egg, in my opinion, needs to be served with a little salt and black pepper, and this is what started me thinking of my current days work. At present I am half way through making a batch of sterling silver salt and pepper mills. It must be quite unusual for a manufacturer to be using his actual products, and this is not just to do with cost, it is because I actually enjoy using them!

Firstly they look good. They are comfortable to handle when grinding the sea salt or black peppercorns. They work efficiently especially when kept topped up. They could be recycled. They have not broken in any way in the 15 years we have been using them, and that is at least twice a day.

Silver only needs the occasional polish to help keep them looking pristine. I get a sense of satisfaction each time I use them and would like others to use them and share my enthusiasm for silver tableware as a daily way of life.