Silver & Crystal Strawberry Accessories?

With the summer now in full swing and delicious inexpensive English strawberries plentiful it is time to look for the accessories required.

I make a large sterling silver & crystal fruit bowl which is highly suitable for serving strawberries. Also available are small matching individual fruit bowls.

The crystal bowl element is made by Dartington Crystal in Devon, England and are replaceable in the event of damage. The silver foot is made here at JA Campbell and is made to fit each individual handmade crystal bowl.

They are ideal for al fresco dining in the curent weather conditions.

Why not add a sterling silver & crystal sugar dredger to the set and sprinkle your strawberries with fine caster sugar.

Enjoy the taste of summer.

Diversity in Silver

I have made all sorts of things in my 55 years as a silversmith but the latest is a “first.” A set of monograms for horse tack. Eleven in total.

Today, Thursday, is the birthday of the gentleman recipient and his wife is buying them for a suprise present.

The job was reasonably straightforward with the excetion of the deadline to his birthday. I had just 12 days to design the entertwined initials, get the design approved, engrave them onto a piece of thick silver sheet, pierce out the background, solder on a casting sprue to the back, make a vulcanised rubber mould, produce 12 waxes (one spare), invest in plaster of Paris and cast in silver.

Phew!!! After casting, the sprue had to be cut off, any flash removed, sand papered and polished. Then the fixing wire was drawn down to the correct diameter, cut into 15mm lenghts and soldered to the back of each of the monograms. They were then polished bright for the last time and fitted into a presentation box.

I do hope he is delighted with his present. His lovely wife had gone to a lot of trouble to make this happen.

Just glad I could help – all part of the JA Campbell service to delight every customer!!!!!