Silver Adorned Sword Stick

An interesting job came in on Saturday. A nicely made sword stick with a silver feral and knob.

The gentleman who brought it in wanted the badly dented top repaired. Although the feral on the stick carried English hallmarks for 1900, the blade was made in France.

Firstly the knob was gently heated to melt whatever was holding it to the wood. In this case it was a cutlery cement which is largely natural resin based and melts quite easily. The knob came off. Then I melted the remaining amount out to examine more carefully the hollow knob, how it was made, the thickness of the material and made a judgement on the best way to proceed with the repair.

In this case it was reasonably thick but impossible to get any tools inside to push out the dents. I decided to cut the top off, remove the remaining dents and spin a new end cap.

This all worked successfully. It was then just a case of carefully soldering the two components together, fettaling the solder seam and polishing.

Lastly, the knob was refilled with molten cement and the stick end pushed into place. A light repolish and the job is finished.

Hopefully another satisfied customer!!