Small Businesses

I was having an interesting conversation with the well known owner of a bike shop and national cycle racing team just the other day.

Condor Cycles, Grays Inn Road. London. WC1X 8PP. England

I had called at his bike shop in London to pick up a spare part for my bike.

The conversation was quite brief (as we are both busy people) probably no more than 10 minutes and centered around our two businesses. His cycle business and my silver tableware company. It seems Condor are doing well at present with their retail sales and also with a high placing in the recent tour of Yorkshire Cycle race. Condor specialise in top quality bikes and service. It is a joy to stop there. I use every excuse available to call in there at least once a week to buy something!

I told Grant that JA Campbell are also enjoying a recent improvement in sales and probably due to an increase in home entertaining/dining which is primarily what JA Campbell products are designed for. The fact that some items are sold as sports trophies is another matter.

We, both (Grant and I) agreed that it is so much nicer to dine at home with a small group of friends and or relations than going out to a restaurant. At home you can enjoy higher quality, and have a much better idea of where the ingredients came from. One can also buy the best food and wine without breaking the bank. Indeed the wine we tend to favour we bring back from the Alsace region of France. What we pay 8 Euros a bottle for over there, I am certain would cost £25-£35 in a restaurant in the UK.

Well, now back to work for us both after a pleasant interlude.

Good luck to Condor in the racing season this year!