Summer Produce

It is at this time of year when the garden calls. Unfortunately not always just to sit and enjoy. The weeds grow, the grass needs cutting, but if like me you enjoying growing your own produce then this is when things really start to happen.

Picking the first tomatoes ripening in the greenhouse, runner bean plants at the top of the poles and the first boiling so tender and succulent. Digging up potatoes, picking fruits and that is a task that leads on to yet another.

Loganberry jam from our garden, blackcurrant jam and cherry jam courtesy of our next door neighbours plants and tree.

Still to come our own grapes from the vine in the greenhouse.

Of course you may be thinking what has all this to do with a blog from a Silversmith?

Well I am sure I am not alone in gathering all the produce above and to take the care and have the attention to detail to do that sort of thing I am sure you too will want to display all your produce in the best possible way.

When friends and family come to dinner the talking point will be your gardening endeavours and what better way to show off your jam, for instance, than in a Silver & Crystal Preserve Dish.

How about your homegrown potatoes and runner beans in a Silver Vegetable Tureen with lid.

If your tomatoes form part of a salad then the Silver & Crystal Salad Bowl and a set of Silver Salad Servers will be just perfect.

Whilst the grapes may not be ready yet (and then they will be for eating) but in the meantime a glass of wine or two served from one of our Silver & Crystal Decanters is the ideal accompaniment.

At JA Campbell we have everything you need to set the perfect table to impress!

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John Campbell.