Same Claret Jug broken twice

Last week I had a phone call from an Army officer saying that he had had an accident with one of our chalice Claret jugs – yet again! Could we repair it?

He and his wife had bought it from one of the London department stores in 2000 (millenium hallmark) when they were “flush” his wife quipped. Sometime after that she had accidentally knocked the crystal body with the stopper and broken the body. We fitted a new crystal body back on to the original silver mount.

The next and current occasion was when one of her children was laying the table. Somehow it had been broken again. This time it happened in Belgium and he hand delivered the silver mount minus most of the crystal to our Brentwood workshop.

The remains of the broken crystal body were removed from the mount along wit the fixing plaster. The mount was then cleaned, re-polished and fitted on to a new crystal body.

It is now like new again and winging its way back to Belgium to be reunited with the family. I hope for their sake that we do not see it again.

In theory though there is no limit to the amount of repair this Claret jug can take!