Silver Brighton Buns

I have heard of Chelsea Buns, currant buns and butterfly buns but never Brighton ones!!

Yesterday was the first time. Apparently this pair of travelling chambersticks were common during the mid eighteenth century and up until the around the time of the first world war. They were often used by officers.

Chambersticks are the low carrying holder with the large diameter tea plate size base (like you may see in a Charles Dickens film)

These Brighton Buns are a smaller similar principle with two screwing together, with their removable capitals nestling in the wells inside. When screwed together for travelling they do resemble a large bun about the size of a teacake!

This pair  have been given to me for valuation. They appear to be silver and bear two, rather worn, tiny assay marks on each . They could be German.

I am on my way to ask my friend and fellow silversmith Lew Marlow his opinion.  He is an authority on antique silver. Then on to Cooksons Precious metals for a metal analysis. The pair also have a crest on each with entwined initials and a stylised crown above.

To be continued………

If you have any information on the above I would be pleased to hear from you.

John Campbell

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