Put your money in Silver Tableware

With all the current global uncertainty around investments, stocks and shares, and the property market in general, where is it possible to put savings and be sure they are relatively safe?

Why not consider investing your hard earned cash in silver. Not only is your money safer, but it will give you and your family an immense amount of pleasure. Being made of a precious metal your silver article will always have an intrinsic value (unlike the new car) and therefore will always be worth something. As a worse case scenario, you could always sell the item for scrap if you wished to dispose of it in the future. However, it rarely comes to that, as someone will usually buy it from you. When I entered the trade, aged 16, the price of silver was 4 shillings and 6 pence per ounce. Yesterday it was £7.30. Some increase!

When you have that special family occasion or close friends to your home for a meal they will be amazed at the table you have set and the ambiance created by handmade silver tableware, you may even  become a trend setter among your friends who have yet to discover the joys of owning Silver tableware.

If you are not yet convinced, why not start collecting in a modest way with, say, a pair of silver candlesticks,  J.A.Campbell make contemporary ones and antique reproduction ones. You could then add a pair of salt and pepper grinders at a later date, followed by my favourite, a handsome silver and crystal claret jug. This would be quite a modest start which I am certain you would like to expand on in the not too distant future.

Most of my production is now made from a tarnish resistant 925 silver alloy and hardly ever needs polishing, just a wash when you have finished using it, in the same way as your ordinary utensils.

Being fairly low key, it is less likely to attract the attention of the tax man on the stealth taxes like inheritance and capital gains.

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