The ‘Wow’ factor

‘WOW’ how many times have you heard this exclamation? In my opinion it is the all time favourite when people are lost for words because something has quite literally taken all thoughts out of their mind other than what they are looking at.

‘WOW is what I want to hear from everone who buys anything from my company.

From the first day that I founded JA Campbell Silversmiths my aim has been, not to please but, to delight  every customer.

Whether they are choosing a simple sterling silver money clip or sterling silver wine stopper or choosing a larger item such as a sterling silver ice bucket or a pair of sterling silver champagne flutes the reaction I want is the same. ‘WOW’

When it comes to the most impressive items in my collection I would suggest you look at the epergne or centrepiece, as it is sometimes called, or the exclusive desk set and see if the ‘WOW’ factor happens to you.

All our silver is handmade hall marked sterling silver. It is marked in the London Assay office which ensures the quality standard is always maintained and traceable.

Every handmade sterling silver piece from either the ‘appetite’ collection or the ‘classic ‘collection is made up to a standard and not down to a price.

J A Campbell silver stands for quality

John Campbell

Designer, Master Silversmith and Founder 

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