Business Philosophy/Silversmiths Philosophy

Nothing we make at JA Campbell Silversmiths is ” how cheap can we make it?” or “where can we cut corners?” Our policy is always “how well can we make it” or “how long can we make it last”

We have so much pride in our business that we never want to see anything returned with a complaint or criticism on how we made it.

When our silver business began there was a fair amount of competition and I took the decision to follow the quality and reliability path. The philosophy has served JA Campbell Silversmiths well as now we are one of the few remaining independent family silversmiths producing a complete matching range of contemporary silver tableware. (With the exception of silver flatware)

To see an example of this collection have a look at the simple open mustard server and spoon. 

In order to create this product the silversmith first cuts a blank or disc from a sheet of silver, and on a spinning lathe “spins/wraps” the disc around a preformed chuck using a highly polished steel burnisher, while the lathe rotates at about 100rpm. The skill here is to stop the sheet silver disc from buckling as it starts to change to a hollow shape. On completion of the spinning operation the piece is sent to the London Assay Office for testing and subsequent hall mark punching. Upon return to the silversmiths workshop the piece is polished using 4 different grades of polishing compounds. It is then cleaned and gold plated inside to prevent corrosion.

The silver mustard server comes complete with a forged silver spoon which is also assayed, polished and finally the bowl is gold plated.

As with all JA Campbell silver tableware this item is a pleasure to use. The current high price of silver means that the intrinsic value of your piece of silver is now a much higher percentage than in the past, making it better value.

Enjoy using your silver

John Campbell

Master Silversmith

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