Egg cup

Egg cups have been a traditional christening present for years, confirming that it is something everyone should have from the earliest time of life. When I look around my garden I wish I had just that extra bit of room so I could keep my own chickens. Good quality food is one of my priorities. I do the best I can and buy free range organic eggs. A simple perfectly boiled egg takes a lot of beating especially when served in a silver egg cup, with matching spoon. An adult may like one from our appetite range or may be a lovely christening present could be one from the ‘over the moon’ range that I designed a couple of years ago. This is decorated with moon and star motives  

Salt & Pepper Grinders

These salt and pepper grinders are one of my favourite designs, I recently gave them as a present to a friend of mine and it started me thinking about all the positve aspects. I have recently started to make these from a new tarnish resistant metal. This dramatically cuts down the cleaning frequency from about once a fortnight to perhaps once every 3 months. The mechanism I use is a Peugeot, the best in the world.I hope my friend shares my views about silver and how it can enhance any table for any meal no matter how simple or how elaborate. It can be a pleasure to look at and enjoy in solitude or when entertaining friends and family for that extra special occasion when a table set with select pieces of silver can really have that ‘wow’ factor and make your guesta ask ‘where did you get that from? I must have one of those’I designed them about 15 years ago and they are quite complicated to make but the satisfaction I get from seeing them come together is worth all the time and effort. Each batch always causes comment in the workshop as the time comes for them to be finally polished and packed into presentation boxes. ‘they look good!’