One of the most versatile items in the JA Campbell range.

A vase is an ideal present for so many occasions, a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or as a presentation piece. (Especially if engraved with a suitable message to remind the recipient of the sentiments expressed by family, friends or colleagues).

So many of the items we now sell are requested to be engraved.

A vase can be used in EVERY room in the house or at the office.

It can be used EVERYDAY of the year with either fresh, silk or dried arrangements to suit each season. Or even just look in your garden for inspiration.

On the JA Campbell website we change the pictures of both the silver and the silver & crystal vases to reflect the changing seasons.

Look out for Autumn ones any day now!

20 Medium Autumn med res

We offer two styles of vase, three with crystal bodies and a detachable silver base and three made entirely of sterling silver.

The choice is yours. Browse our website and order online or give us a call at anytime. We like to talk!!!

Improvised Egg Cup

If you think that the egg cup in the picture below is a bit unusual, you are correct.

Egg cup

It is not actually an egg cup (although it works very well as one). It is in fact a Silver Claret Jug component.

It is bad isn’t it when a silversmith has not got a proper egg cup and has to make do! It is a bit like the shoemaker’s children – usually poorly shod.

The good news is I am busy actually making a batch of Silver Claret Jugs – the real thing in which to serve your favourite wine.



Silver Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are one of the most basic and fundamental strategies for succeeding in a business career, since it is a way to establish a connection with your, clients and employees. Whether you need a high value corporate gift or something on a budget here at JA Campbell I’m sure we will have a Silver Corporate Gift that will suit.

Silver picture frames, silver money clips and silver hip flasks are great gifts for employees, and it won’t break the bank either. Silver gifts are great for staff awards, or for leaving presents. Silver gifts are also great way to express appreciation, gratitude, and a promise of excellence to all involved.

Silver corporate gifts are also a great way to say thank you to customers too. Sending a silver corporate gift is reminding them that your business is still out there and that you have not forgotten about them. It’s also a golden opportunity to build strong relations with the corporate world by strengthening the customer base by helping to entice new customers and give them a promise of commitment. Our sterling silver claret jug, sterling silver tumbler cups or an elegant sterling silver letter opener are ideal gifts to send to your customers.

All Silver Corporate Gifts at JA Campbell can also be custom engraved to add that extra personal individuality to your sterling silver corporate gift. Your customers and employees will be thrilled to receive a quality silver gift from you as a thank you for their business and hard work, so why wait to say thank you do it with a silver corporate gift from JA Campbell.